Thomas Belesis, American Complainant In 30bn Gold Scam Accused of Being An International Fraudster

Thomas Belesis, American Complainant In 30bn Gold Scam Accused of Being An International Fraudster

Anyone who has been following events surrounding this scam would think that the complainant is an innocent victim something that might not even be close to reality.

Inside Information reaching our desk indicates that Thomas Belesis aka Tommy (Complainant) is an international fraudster with multiple identities and nationalities something causing questionable integrity.

Our source also revealed that Tommy’s original purpose of travel to Uganda from Kenya were far different from what they have told the investigators and that explains why their story keeps on changing from time to time.

“ Tommy is not a simple man as he claims before several authorities, he is an international Fraudster, If you want to know more just browse his name on Google. I can comfortably tell you that have they have come up with already signed contracts with their suppliers from Kenya, Sudan  DRC, Central African Republic and Cameroon areas in which they have heard other interests.” Our Source narrated adding that some interests were political in nature, and involve supply of military hardware of which Uganda was to be used as a resource hub (logistical hub).

It was also revealed that while they claim to have started transactions in Uganda as far back as 2019, all the documents they have procured for their company identified as AGE East African Holdings Limited  which helped them pose as a legitimate business men a deal that was sealed in only two months before bribing different s government offices in a cash bonanza including, Chamber of Commerce, Geology and Mines, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) and immigration department that allegedly processed their work permits and the necessary documentation within a fortnight.

A lot of information concerning their questionable operations within the region over the past two years has been deliberately withheld to shield, pictures obtained by our sources indicates how he is attached to the trump administration and also claims strong ties with FBI.

Following evidence presented in court recently divulged that Money that was channeled through Uganda was paid out to different parties outside the country with instruction and guidance of the complainant’s lawyers something that has for ages been their tactical base in the great lakes region.

It is further said that the entire lawsuit is aimed at scamming an Insurance Company to compensate them a lucrative trick he also used in Kenya to pocket millions of money from local investors.

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