MP Francis Zaake Pens Touching Response On Rigging Votes For Joyce Bagala

MP Francis Zaake Pens Touching Response On Rigging Votes For Joyce Bagala


Today morning, Judge Baguma Emmanuel of Mubende High Court nullified Hon. Bagala Joyce Ntwatwa’election as Woman MP, Mityana District on grounds that there were electoral malpractices in the electoral process that returned her as winner. Specifically, among other things, the Judge stated that I bribed voters in Mityana to vote for Hon. Bagala.

In his Judgment, Hon. Justice Baguma states that I acted as Hon. Bagala’s agent and bribed a one Nakyagaba Tolophina with UGX 10,000/= to vote for my candidate. I take strong exception to this outrageous conclusion that the Judge reached without even offering me an opportunity to be heard, even when I attended many Court sessions that the Judge presided over.

I wish to set the record straight that I have never given the said Nakyagaba Tolophina, whom I have never heard of, any money or article whatsoever with the intention of influencing her or anybody else to vote for Hon. Bagala or any other candidate. As for being an agent of Hon. Bagala Joyce, it is unbelievable and beyond my contemplation that I could be referred to as her agent within the meaning of our electoral laws yet I do not possess any letter of appointment from her and I have in fact never been her agent.

As a flag bearer of NUP, it was my responsibility to campaign for Hon. Bagala and other NUP candidates in my district. That did not turn me into her agent! How could I fail to bribe my own voters and I bribe for another candidate?

Generally speaking, I think that this judgment sets a bad precedent which should find no space in our Country’s Jurisprudence. It’s good to know that Hon. Bagala intends to appeal it.

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