Meet 18 year old Tracy that’s Shining Her Light in the Music and Arts Industry

Meet 18 year old Tracy that’s Shining Her Light in the Music and Arts Industry

When you hear people saying that they started singing or dancing at 1 year, you should not doubt that. You can notice your child’s talent from such a young age and if nurtured well, can blossom into a magnificent way of life and money making venture. Again what’s better than making money off your talent?

MTN Pulse caught up with Tracy Ajuna Chrystabelle Muchwa also known as Ms. Tee or Bella by close people to talk about her journey into discovering and nurturing her talent of singing, dancing and as some people describe her, a good orator.

“At a point in my life I stopped dancing and singing due to people’s opinions on what I should do. So many people kept telling me that “I hope this is just a childish dream” until I entered the current School I’m in called Harvest International School.” She said.

“In this school they allowed me to harness my greatness, be who I am and do what makes me happy. I’ve been involved in school dance and singing functions, school assemblies, Worship harvest (a church that owns my school) I participate in activities that involve music and dance like the Teens garage music team etc.” she added, expressing the variety of platforms on which she displays her talent.

There have always been debates on whether schools that one goes to matter and telling by Tracy’s story, it is a definite yes!! It’s not just about the quality of education that we receive but the co-curricular activities presented to us and definitely the environment to favorably nurture our talents.

When we asked at age she discovered that she could sing and dance, she said “I don’t really recall at what age I started but since I was really young I would sing and dance a lot at school functions, different parties, family functions and I really loved it, infact sometimes I would be given money.” … “I haven’t always been a good public speaker but I realized I was good at it when I joined Harvest International school.” She added.

The passion she has for singing is so evident in how she does it and she believes it is a way for her to express herself. It is just another way to let out her thoughts and feelings. The harmony in her voice can literally carry you into a trance! Tracy also intimated to us that she loves singing so much that she would not mind doing it for work, professionally.

In this era of TikTok and YouTube, there is definitely a lot on the internet to learn from. She says the internet has mostly contributed to her dancing, and yeah your guess is as good as mine. You too can pick up a skill or learn a move or two from the internet. Simply load yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and enjoy surfing the internet.

The future holds so much potential for young people in the Arts industry. Tracy believes that young people need to tell their stories more through music because it would be more relatable and inspiring to younger generations or even their own age mates.

In dealing with stage fright, not thinking she’s good enough or worth being seen, she is most grateful for her mother and close family who have constantly stood by her through every decision and given her the best advice and support.

“ I would tell every young person who wants to do what I am doing to believe and trust in themselves, never let anyone belittle them, to put God in everything they do, to be persistent, determined and diligent in whatever they put their minds to.” Tracy advised pulsers.

Apart from singing and dancing, Tracy also enjoys netball. Talk of an all rounder! Like the adage goes “ train up a child in the way they should go and when they grow up they shall not depart from it….”

Follow Tracy on her socials at: Instagram : _bellissima_t  Snapchat : bvllahh

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